cleeves irish confectionery macaroon chocolate bar

Macaroon Bar

A mouth-watering Macaroon Chocolate Bar combining the fresh flavours of Irish milk chocolate and the exotic flavours of fresh coconut. A timeless treat that will take you back in time from the first bite.

cleeves irish confectionery mint crisp chocolate bar

Mint Crisp Bar

Put a pep in your step with the classic combination of Irish chocolate and the cool sweetness of peppermint. Delightfully minty chocolate with crispy peppermint pieces throughout for a minty fresh chocolate treat,
anytime of the day.

cleeves irish confectionery sea salt caramel crisp chocolate bar

Sea salt Crisp Bar

Irish milk chocolate bar mixed with the perfect combination of crunchy Atlantic Sea Salt and Caramel Crispies. Sweet and salty fans, this
is the one for you!

cleeves irish confectionery orange crisp chocolate bar

Orange Crisp Bar

Irish milk chocolate bar refined with orange essential oil. Creamy chocolate and fresh flavours of sweet orange make this a treat for the tastebuds. Deliciously zingy and zesty!

cleeves irish confectionery honey crisp chocolate bar

Honey Crisp Bar

Irish milk chocolate bar mixed with honey flavoured honeycomb pieces throughout. Deliciously creamy and luscious, so smooth and delectably sweet. Tastes like nectar!

cleeves irish confectionery classic milk chocolate

Milk Chocolate Bar

Our Classic Milk Chocolate Bar made from the finest and freshest Irish dairy ingredients. Rich and creamy and simply delicious.

cleeves irish confectionery classic dark chocolate bar

Dark Chocolate Bar

As smooth as our milk chocolate range but with an enticing dark edge. A rich chocolate bar with a lovely level of sweetness and some pleasant bitter notes and exciting chocolatey flavours that develop on the palate.

cleeves irish confectionery macaroon chocolate bar

Macaroon Chocolate Bar 90g

Our classic Irish milk chocolate bar with yummy coconut pieces throughout – a nostalgic treat, now with more to share. Available from Tesco.

cleeves irish confectionery mint crisp chocolate bar

Mint Crisp Bar 90g

Our new sharing bar size, Irish milk chocolate bar with a sprinkle of delicious mint crisp throughout. Available now in Tesco.


assortment bags

cleeves irish confectionery iced caramels

Original Iced Caramels

Made to the same original recipe and method that has been enjoyed by consumers for over 90 years and is still as yummy as ever! Uniquely delicious our chewy caramels are covered in pink and white icing sugar.
A retro sweet treat that can be enjoyed by all!

cleeves irish confectionery iced caramels

Iced Caramels Treat Pack

A treat pack developed for luxury snacking on-the-go. Each pack contains six Original Iced Caramels of the much-loved Irish confectionery classic… and would also make a sweet little gift for a loved one.

Chocolate Caramels

Our original chewy caramels smothered in rich dark and milk chocolate.
A gluten free snack bag of treats that can be enjoyed anytime
throughout the day.

Macaroon Bites

cleeves irish confectionery macaroon chocolate bites

Scrumptious bite-size creamy Irish chocolates mixed with coconut sprinkles. The same winning formula and recipe that is used to make our best-selling Macaroon Chocolate Bar. A gluten free treat so
delectably sweet!


Cleeve’s famous Cleeve’s Slab Toffee pre-broken into pieces for your enjoyment. Our toffee is made using our traditional recipe and using only the finest Irish dairy ingredients with no artificial colours or preservatives.

cleeves irish confectionery original fudge

Original Fudge

Delectably smooth and wonderfully more-ish, our vanilla fudge pieces are made to our traditional recipe and are gluten free. The ultimate
sweet treat!

cleeves irish confectionery golden days

Golden Days

Luscious dark chocolate caramels combined with an infusion of coconut and sea salt flavours to create a delicious experience. Gluten free and gorgeously gooey in the centre!

cleeves irish confectionery original toffee slab

Original Slab Toffee!

An original Irish confectionery favourite for most of the 20th Century. Our creamy slab toffee is slightly softer than those who recall the original product would remember and has been manufactured in 12 squares to help you break it more easily. Just smash and share it and enjoy its
nostalgic flavours!