Cleeve’s Irish Confectionery Easter Eggs

Cleeve’s Irish Confectionery Easter Eggs

There’s still time to pick up your eggs for Easter Sunday! Why not try one of the eggs from our new range? We have developed a selection of delicious Cleeve’s Irish Confectionery Easter Eggs this spring that will make the perfect Easter gift for chocolate lovers, both young and old.

The collection includes our best-selling variants – the Macaroon Egg, Iced Caramels & Milk Chocolate Egg, and the Classic Irish Milk Chocolate Egg with our Chocolate Caramels.

Made using our traditional recipes and quality Irish dairy products sourced locally, the three Easter eggs are all foil-wrapped and presented in striking vintage-inspired packaging that can be recycled and disposed of responsibly. Our Eggs have been created with the same ethos as the rest of our products – focus on quality Irish milk and butter products, with particular emphasis on toffee and chocolate. Each carton also gives the consumer some background information on the fascinating history and heritage behind our brand.  If you still need convincing, take a look below at each egg in detail!




Classic Irish Milk Chocolate Easter Egg (RRP €6) is a mouth-watering milk chocolate egg made from the finest Irish dairy ingredients accompanied with the inclusion of luscious our Chocolate Caramels. An all-time favourite treat, the original chewy caramels are smothered in rich dark and milk chocolate and are a gluten-free snack that can be enjoyed anytime throughout the day.




Macaroon Easter Egg (RRP €6) The classic combination of chocolate and coconut is timeless. The Macaroon Easter Egg is made from Irish milk chocolate combined with exotic coconut from the Far East and brings to market our Macaroon Bar in a chocolate egg format, using our special recipe that has been enjoyed by successive generations down throughout the years. The egg is also accompanied with two Macaroon Chocolate Bars.




Original Iced Caramels Easter Egg (RRP €6) Our Original Iced Caramels Easter Egg brings together one of Ireland’s most cherished retro sweet treats and a luxurious Milk Chocolate Easter Egg. Uniquely special and produced exclusively in Ireland, our Original Iced Caramels combines yummy, chewy caramels under a crisp coating of pink and white icing. One of a kind, the Iced Caramels are still made using the same recipe and methods first developed over 90 years ago.




All 3 Cleeve’s Irish Confectionery Easter Eggs are available in Tesco and in all good convenience stores across Ireland. Email us at and we’ll direct you to your Cleeve’s Irish Confectionery Easter Eggs stockist.