Behind The Scenes: Macaroon Chocolate Bar

Behind The Scenes: Macaroon Chocolate Bar

Our iconic Cleeve’s Macaroon Bar is a beloved nostalgic treat, enjoyed by consumers nationwide. Combining the fresh flavours of Irish milk chocolate and the exotic flavours of fresh coconut, this delicious treat has been satisfying the taste buds of Cleeve’s lovers for generations.

In this article, we are taking you through a visit of our very own chocolate factory in Newbridge, County Kildare. We are giving you an exclusive behind the scenes look into how these timeless classics are created.

As soon as you step foot into the factory, your senses are delighted with the mouth-watering aromas of delicious Irish milk chocolate.

This glorious melted chocolate is the first step in the process of creating the Macaroon Chocolate Bar. This process includes raising and lowering the temperature of the chocolate to stabilise the ingredients. They do this to create a smooth and glossy finish to the final product.

We could watch this process all day!

Once the chocolate is cooled to a stable temperature, we move onto step two. The lucious melted chocolate is dispensed into the moulds.

“Chocolate, a delicious cure for a bad day”

The Cleeve’s Macaroon Bar would not be the same without the delicious coconut pieces. Adding these tasty inclusions is the next step in the process of creating the Macaroon bar. 

Who wouldn’t want to dive into a fresh Macaroon bar after watching this video?

The exotic coconut adds a delicious flavour to the chocolate.


Now, the aromatic melted chocolate must be hardened. This is done using cooling racks. [left]

The moulded chocolate slowly travels along a conveyor belt and through the cooling machine.

Once the chocolate has cooled, it is then demoulded and prepared for packaging.

The chocolate also goes through a metal detector machine [right]. This machine is used to ensure our chocolate meets all health and safety guidelines to ensure consumer satisfaction every time.


The final step in the process of creating our iconic Macaroon Chocolate Bar is the foiling and packaging. 

This mesmerising machine beautifully packs and organises the bars, ready to be packed, shipped and delivered for everyone to enjoy!

“Chocolate is happiness you can eat”


If you would like to purchase some of our decadent Macaroon Chocolate Bars, contact us by email on and we will direct you towards your nearest Cleeve’s Irish Confectionery stockist.

macaroon chocolate bar with ingredients scattered in the background