Original Slab Toffee

Original Slab Toffee

Just back from a fact finding trip to Limerick and great to see that there is still a great recognition of the Cleeves name in Limerick. We met some people whose parents worked in the Cleeves Toffee factory up until the early 1970’s and with Limerick Council having great plans for the old Cleeves factory site, there really is now a great opportunity for us to fully revive Cleeves Irish Confectionery in Limerick.

We would love to hear any stories or photographs people in Limerick may have regarding Cleeves as we are currently finalising some new gift packs which will feature the history of Cleeves in Limerick and we would love to add to that range next year featuring your photos and memories.

But back to the slab toffee product. Immortalised in Angela’s Ashes, Frank McCourt’s award winning international bestseller depicting life in the Limerick of his youth, Cleeves Slab Toffee is now back in shops and we are pleased to say that sales are going very well. The recipe is slightly softer than those who recall the original product would remember and we have manufactured it in 12 squares to help you break it more easily. We are looking into sourcing Cleeves Toffee Hammers for 2020 but in the meantime a good smack of the slab toffee bar against a hard surface will do the trick. Modern day costs means it is no longer a penny a piece but the product still represents excellent value for money and generally it retails at only €1 per pack of 12 squares.

Any retailers interested in stocking Cleeves Original Slab Toffee should contact our distributors Ampersand Sales
– Tel 01 4130100 or on email